Behind the scene

Our Commitment Towards our Mother Earth and Next Generation.

We @ Bottums

We are D2C Company where we offer handcrafted high quality unique apparel and lifestyle products created by our artisans across India and also from many other Asian countries. These artisans are gifted with the talent and traditional skills to craft exquisite designs in styles that are unique to their culture and heritage. Making Social Responsibility the heart of our mission, we are following a new inclusive approach that makes us stand apart in the e-Commerce world. Being a D2C Company, we are continuously taking efforts in Sustainability, up cycling, waste management and so which protect our mother earth.

Our Community

As a duty towards giving back to the community, we are effortlessly promoting several self-help groups, artisans, Disabled people, and many more. Right from the inception, we had the privilege of being associated with several non-profits organizations, foundations, and certain individual communities across country. We take an advantage to thank all our Employees, Partners and Vendors in putting all their incredible effort and sourcing products from our community and delivering it to you.

We are committed to save our planet:

The Universe is in your hands, it means yes its you. You care and you know what you buy as sustainable/waste managed products. We are just not a unique fashion brand, we are committed to save our natural resource to our next generation, we source our fabrics and accessories only to sever you the best quality and which should save our mother earth from harm chemicals.

Near Future

More than what we do, we are still on a continuous effort of being completely environment friendly in near future. All our efforts are aligned with our suppliers, our communities and have a cumulative effect on the environment. We always use Technology to be Environment Friendly; We Strictly talk to our vendors/partners to follow all the rules while screen printing or the consumption of raw materials while manufacturing fabrics and so on.

We Always Practice Fair Labor:

We are committed towards labor laws very strictly, we Never Ever engage child or forced labor. If any of partners violate fail to meet labor law or the company standards, we terminate and report them immediately. We make sure we have a happy family at work with a happy environment, this mean all our Employees, Partners and Vendors are treated with respect. It’s a zero tolerance for any kind of discrimination, Physical, Sexual, psychological or verbal harassment in any manner.

Safety Measures

We strictly maintain our offices and factories with safety measures, we practice all standards to minimize injury and illness, and we also test our products to ensure they are free of hazardous materials that could be dangerous to anyone.

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